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Alpha Poker Assistant

How are solutions derived?

AlphaPoker’s solutions are created using proprietary models and algorithms. Other popular solvers such as PioSolver use a fundamental algorithm called counterfactual regret (CFR). By creating new predictive models built on top of these traditional algorithms, this poker assistant gets you solutions in near real-time. For practical use in in-game scenarios, we must break up abstractions between ‘attacking’ and ‘defending’. Attacking is defined by when you are not facing a bet and defending defined when facing aggression. We have found that abstracting for every possible bet-size for attacking strategies,  impacts speed and complexity of implementing these strategies. From our research, these strategies perform better for users when strategies are condensed into 1-5 of the highest expected value raise sizes we have previously simulated in the specific board subset. On the contrary, defending against aggression shows an entirely different picture. We must find the equilibrium range that protects against the exact raise size we are facing. Using our predictive models, we factor this into our solutions. There is limited to no arbitrary solving produced in the final solution that is returned to the user. The goal is to approximate equilibrium strategies in milliseconds; accuracy is occasionally reduced to complement speed.

Supported Sites Features
  • Lightning fast recommendations (Usually between 1-3 seconds)
  • Equity/Range/Weighted Range charts help analyze the correct play
  • Bet Size amount recommendations
  • Plays Heads Up tables all the way to 9 max tables
  • Straddle, non straddle, ante cash games
  • 24/7 support
  • Subscription pause ability
  • Multi-App Support (Additional apps sold at a lower cost)
For more information and pricing details, please fill out the form below.  Or add us on Skype at: *** We are only taking 5-10 customers per month so there may be a waiting list ***